About Us

Specialists from different countries are united into a team. Many of them have got working experience over 15 years, and countless taken courses, seminars, internships in such countries as Denmark, the UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, America, Russia, and Ukraine. The ultramodern equipment of the hospital gives opportunity for a correct diagnostics of the animal and immediate assistance provision. The hospital operates 24/7 and consists of 3 therapies, surgery, laboratory, and several in-patient wards, including ward for infectious diseases.

The hospital has a vet pharmacy and a store with a large assortment of products. You can order these products online and get goods without leaving your home. Special attention is given to the department of clinical nutrition with vet consultations.

We offer a hotel for animals with 20 heated accommodations and a private garden for walking. The zoo-nanny will feed and walk your pet, and also inform the doctor in the case of problems.

2020 will be a breakthrough in the educational field for our team and many others, who seek to get an advanced training and practice on the clinic basis.


‘Vet House” is a big family, which will provide help, comfort and proper care for your pet.

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