Hotel for pets

Hotel for pets. The new rates for 2018

We invite you to visit our hotel to see everything with your own eye! Become acquanted with our veterinarinary doctors and "zoo-nannies" - because these are the people, whom you will trust your pets. Besides, you will be able to select room's size and make sure, that we don't simply fulfill all the conditions of the contract, but love our work and our four-legged guests as well.



One of the main advantages of the hotel is the fact, that it is located on the territory of 24hr hospital. Highly-qualified staff works there, who know not only how to take care of animals, but in case of emergency will help as well.

New rates for 2018 

Accommodation for cats:

Daily rate from 8.00 to 20.00 - 10 GEL

Daily rate - 15 GEL per day


Accommodation for dogs:

Daily rate from 8.00 to 20.00 -  from 15 GEL

Daily rate - from 25 GEL per day


+ All residents of the hotel get a discount of -10% for grooming and parasite treatment

+ For stays longer than 14 days, free bathing

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