At the hotel for pets "VET HOUSE" we ensure animals' safety, patient and good-willed attitude towards them, walking and playing, attention and control, proper nutrition and care, as well as comfortable living conditions.

We invite you to visit our hotel to see everything with your own eye! Become acquanted with our veterinarinary doctors and "zoo-nannies" - because these are the people, whom you will trust your pets. Besides, you will be able to select room's size and make sure, that we don't simply fulfill all the conditions of the contract, but love our work and our four-legged guests as well.

One of the main advantages of the hotel is the fact, that it is located on the territory of 24hr hospital. Highly-qualified staff works there, who know not only how to take care of animals, but in case of emergency will help as well.

When do we open?

For the first time, we will open our doors on Febryary 1st, 2017. Hotel for animals will consist of 20 rooms, varying in sizes. In the hotel we will have 24hr "zoo-nannies", with whom you will be able to maintatin contact through any available means of communication: whatsapp, telegram, facebook, vk, etc. Except the questions regarding the animals, throughout the chat you can solve administrative questions – prolong living(for example, if you flight is delayed), order "driver to your house"(if you have not done so in advance), manage insufficient nutrition, etc. On the territory of the hotel there is a garden with artificial grass, which is equipped with special equipment, intended for pets' development, games and walks.

What does "zoo-room" offer?

Rooms for animals are individual, equipped with bed, bowls for food and water, heating, lightning and place for toys. Understanding the unique requirements and habits of each animal, we do not impose our food, fillers for toilets and other items and accessories, required for animal placement in the hotel. You can always bring here your items based on personal preference: food, bowls, toilet, toys, and other items your animal is used to. In case f he eats natural food,  you will prepare meal which is ready to be used, and is in the neccessary quantity for the whole time of animal's stay. This kind of food will be storen in our fridge or deep freezed.

How to book a room?

Hotel staff member will present you the characteristics of our 3 types of rooms(photos, size and facilities). After the selection of the room, you will need to send us a letter with filled-out application, where you will indicate dates, your pet's size and his characteristics. To ensure the booking, prepayment is required . You can pay with cash or cashless in the hotel. In case of cancellation, prepayment is not reimbursed.

Give yourself a luxury of relaxation without the worries about your four-legged animal! We are available at any time!

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