Koto Hotel: a second home for your pet

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  • multi-tiered glazed boxes with vertical multi-tiered layout, ventilation, large showcase and privacy area

  • treatment of rooms with disinfectants and quartz treatment before settling in a new guest

  • a zoo-nanny who takes care of pets, monitors the state of health and informs the doctor and the owner in case of problems

  • communication with the baby monitor in a convenient way for you: whatsapp, telegram, facebook, vk, e-mail, etc.

  • security cameras

  • on the same territory with a round-the-clock veterinary hospital, which will help if necessary

  • chat for solving administrative issues – extending your stay (for example, if your flight is delayed), ordering a driver at home (if not ordered immediately), etc.

  • we are attentive to the uniqueness of the needs and habits of each animal and do not impose our feeds, toilet fillers and other items and accessories necessary for hotel accommodation: you can bring food, bowls, toilet, toys and other familiar pet household items

  • if the pet eats natural food, prepare food for the entire stay (the food must be ready to eat - sliced, mixed, boiled, etc.), and we will store it in the refrigerator/ freezer

  • the hotel staff not only take care of the pets, but also entertain them (stroking and scratching behind the ears is attached)

  • clinically healthy pets
  • requiring special care of NON-infectious origin (urolithiasis, sugar levels, etc.)
  • vaccinated and chipped, treated from parasites pets
* We do NOT accept pets with any signs of infectious diseases, for this you can use the services of the VET HOUSE clinic hospital
Who are we settling?
  • pet
  • food and filler for the period of stay (also available at the pet store at the hotel)
  • we provide a bowl, a scoop, a tray, but you can bring things from home or buy new care items from us
  • favorite toys, a couch, a house, a scratching post at will
What to take with you?
  • by phone, by e-mail, in social networks
  • payment in cash, card, bank transfer
  • period of stay from 1 day
  • before booking, you can make a guest visit or view photos of the hotel
How to book a room?
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70 Mickiewicz St., Tbilisi, Georgia
Clinic and store opening hours
Working Hours:
Mon - Sun 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Reception Hours At The Clinic:
Mon - Sun 10:00 am - 7:30 pm