Laboratory studies help to get an objective idea of the animal's condition, determine the severity of the disease, monitor its development, evaluate the prognosis and effectiveness of treatment.

Biochemical studies on the Raito veterinary biochemical analyzer.
Hematological studies on the Mindray BC 2800Vet veterinary automatic analyzer.
The leukocyte formula is calculated manually in order to more accurately diagnose and visually control the quality of the tests performed.

- Clinical blood test
- Detailed biochemical blood analysis (16 indicators)
- Biochemical blood analysis by profiles
- Complete stool analysis
- Coprogram
- General urine analysis
- Specific studies on infectious diseases

The main types of analyses and laboratory tests for cats and dogs:

- histology
- cytology
- bacteriological research
- scraping studies
- smear studies
- blood tests
- research on dermatophytosis
Taking samples for:
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